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At Gold’s Dental Charm School, we work with dental professionals at all levels to positively impact productivity and office performance.

Tailored to the concerns and challenges of the dental field, our certificate programs are designed to help you create an atmosphere of friendliness, trust, and mutual respect. We help you learn techniques to improve your interactions with patients, staff, and professional network. That’s the difference between a practice that thrives and one that merely survives.

Get Certified and Increase Your Professional Worth

certification program

Strong clinical and clerical skills are essential to a career in dentistry, but they are not the only skills you need to succeed. Whether you are running your own practice, working in a dental office or new to dentistry, interpersonal skills and charm are the key to establishing relationships that translate into professional and personal opportunities.

Accredited by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Dental Board of California, graduates of our one and two-day programs receive a Certificate of Achievement acknowledging successful completion of the required coursework.

Continuing education units are available for those students that qualify. You’ll be able to immediately apply your new skills and add Gold’s Dental Charm School to your list of professional accomplishments. We stand behind our education and support our students in their quest to better themselves.

Superior people skills will increase your professional value in any setting. If you want to succeed in dentistry, you need to turn up the charm—Gold’s Dental Charm School will show you how.

What We Do What We Do What We Do

Gold's Dental Charm School educates students on the communication “dos” and “don’ts” critical for success in dentistry. We positively impact office production and performance by teaching students how to excel at likability, service and grace.

Who Can Benefit Who Can Benefit Who Can Benefit

Any person in the dental field who strives for an exceptional professional performance will benefit from participating in one of our classes. We help industry newcomers get acquainted with the dental culture, as well as helping established dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, and front office staff elevate their skill-set and value.

What You Will Learn What You Will Learn What You Will Learn

You’ll learn how to comport yourself in a way that creates a positive impression. Your word choice, body language, listening skills, tone and appearance will become more deliberate to create successful relationships and win-win outcomes for most situations.

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